Chinese language language Eight Treasure Rice Pudding (Ba Bao Supporter)

Chinese Eight Treasure Rice Pudding (Ba Bao Supporter)

The eight treasure rice pudding is a renowned widespread Chinese language language dessert, cooked with sticky rice and eight quite a few freshly dried fruits (usually termed dates correct proper right here often) and nuts. This meals objects has actually been by way of pretty quite a few thousand a few years and spreads your complete nation. The substances Utilized in Every put are primarily equal nonetheless with minor discrepancies. The eight treasure rice pudding from south of Yangtse River is Among the many many most accurately acknowledged types and has grown to be a delicacy in Chinese language language primary banquet.


a). For switch 1 two:

2 cups (320g, or 11 oz.) glutinous rice (sticky rice)
two cups (400 cc) water
1 tablespoon lard (A novel important aspect, shouldn’t be going to vary it with totally different oil)
four tablespoons sugar

b). eight treasures:

lotus seed
candied cherries
dried dates, Tiny sum of cash for every, or any sum you need

c). For step three 6:

300g (ten oz.) pink sieved bean (mashed bean)
three tablespoons lard
1 cup (200cc) water
six tablespoons sugar
1/two tablespoon cornstarch


Wash and soak glutinous rice 5 ~ six quite a few hours. Drain. Incorporate applicable quantity of water. Steam for one hour.
Improve sugar and lard to rice whereas warmth. Combine fully.
Sieve bean, embrace lard and sugar. Combine very successfully.
Chop dried fruits. Coat deep bowl with lard. Put collectively fruits to get confirmed attractively.
Area rice in bowl. Embody bean filling in Coronary coronary heart. Shut with remaining rice. Steam however as soon as extra for 15 minutes.
Put plate spherical bowl. Swap about (rice is in the mean time to the plate). Boil six tablespoons sugar with 1 cup h2o. Thicken with cornstarch diluted with h2o. Pour over pudding and provide scorching.

Cooking time: 1 2/three quite a few hours

Dietary data:

Generate: four servings

Every serving offers:

Energy: 756

Protein: 24.four g

Chinese Eight Treasure Rice Pudding (Ba Bao Supporter)