Filipino Recipes – Lang-Lang (Dumpling) Recipe – Pinoy Meals Stuff

Filipino Recipes - Lang-Lang (Dumpling) Recipe - Pinoy Food Stuff

For a lot of who like blended meat dishes, this concoction is one issue that you simply simply should ponder. Lang lang is a flavorful dish that will definitely you will wish to any palate.


one/four kilo lean pork
one/four kilo shrimp
1 small rooster
2 cloves garlic
1 cup current peas
one/two cups mushrooms
1 cup sotanghon
1 small onion (chopped top of the range)
one egg (crushed evenly)
one tbsp flour
cooking oil
patis (fish sauce)
salt and pepper (to style)

Cooking Ideas:

Grind or chop pork improbable. Peel and devein shrimps, put apart â…” chop The remaining to top of the range bits. In barely saucepan, put together dinner hen in water sufficient to cowl the meat.
In separate bowls, soak the sotanghon and mushrooms in h2o. Pound heads of shrimp and extract juice. Put together wrappers.
Sauté onion, incorporate chopped shrimp, salt and pepper. Put aside to chill out then wrap by teaspoonfuls in wrappers.
Combine chopped pork, egg, flour, salt and pepper. Type into balls. Slash hen meat into tiny gadgets.
Sauté chopped garlic in barely cooking oil until lastly brown. Incorporate shrimps and put together dinner until lastly they transform pink. Embody juice (from shrimp heads) and permit to simmer for under a two Three minutes. Add hen objects and rooster broth. Carry to your boil. Fall the meat balls one after the other. Embody wrapped shrimp combination, mushrooms and sotanghon. 12 months with patis and pepper. When carried out, insert the trendy peas and take away through the warmth.

Recommendations on how one can produce the wrappers:


3/four cup flour
1 egg yolk
barely water
a pinch of salt


Sift flour efficiently. House in barely bowl or deep plate. Place egg yolk and a pinch of salt in the middle of flour. Combine substances using a fork, together with only a bit ingesting water if wished, correct up until a stiff dough is original. Knead dough correct until straightforward and elastic. Cowl and put apart till for 20 minutes. Roll out dough as skinny as potential and divide into smaller squares about 3×3 inches. Fill Each having a teaspoonful of shrimp combination. Moisten edges with h2o, fold 1 nook about and press edges collectively.