Indian Dessert Recipes – Milk Cake

Indian Dessert Recipes - Milk Cake

On this particular posting, I’ll current you the correct strategy to create distinct types of Indian sweet truffles.

1) Gram Flour Cake


Heat the tiny oil inside a non stick pan on medium flame, add gram flour and roast it until a delightful aroma begins off coming.

In an unlimited bowl, add 1 cup of oil with roasted gram flour, combine successfully and preserve apart for fifteen twenty minutes.

Warmth the h2o inside a pan on very low flame, incorporate sugar and boil it.

Preserve it boiling until it continues to be one/third of the distinctive quantity.

Now add the gram flour and oil mixture to this sugar syrup.

Now incorporate just one cup of oil in intervals to steer clear of the drying of combination and mix it accurately.

Defend stirring constantly.

Remove combination from flame and pour in a extremely fully greased dish.

Push the best take care of evenly.

Garnish with cashew nut.

Preserve inside a freezer for one 2 plenty of hours and allow this to relax.

Lower this into sq. or diamond formed objects.

2) Figs Cake


Fall ten figs in to the water for plenty of plenty of hours.

Drain them and hold apart for 2 Three hour.

In a extremely grinder, embrace soaked figs and produce a clear puree.

Warmth the oil in a extremely pan on very low flame, insert figs, condensed milk and sugar, stir always.

Fry it until to make it a delicate lump.

Embrace cardamom powder and chopped pistachios, combine fully.

Take out with the flame and pour it inside a accurately greased dish.

Push among the best handle frivolously and garnish it with grated coconut and almond.

Defend in a freezer for 1 two plenty of hours and permit it to chill out.

Scale back it into sq. or diamond fashioned parts.

3) Milk Cake

Directions for incomes cottage cheese:

Boil the milk inside a pan on medium flame, when it begins boiling, embrace lemon juice.

When curd commences separating out of your water, change from the gasoline.

When the cottage cheese has divided out of your ingesting water, drain the ingesting water utilizing a strainer.

Wrap the cottage cheese inside a muslin materials and squeeze added ingesting water.

For incomes milk cake:

Boil the milk inside a frying pan on medium flame until it turns into merely half of the preliminary amount.

Enhance the cottage cheese by the milk and blend very successfully.

Put together dinner dinner this combination until it turns into thick.

Generate a fragile dough out of this mixture.

Enhance some sugar within the path of the dough and Put together dinner dinner it till the combo receives gentle.

Take away from flame and pour it in a extremely accurately greased dish.

Press among the best handle evenly and garnish with almonds.

Defend in a extremely freezer for one two hour and allow to relax.

Slice this dove into sq. or diamond formed objects.